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A while back I did a talk on Tumblr for my presentation in class. While there was much to say and show on Tumblr that I didn’t even get to cover as things got derailed very quickly through heated debates over social media coupled with people’s personal views altogether. At least I was able to cover a few basics and shared a video or two. The one below is the only one I’m going to bother sharing in this blog as it is far more amusing than the other I shared with the class.

There is a bit of crass language in the video so you have been warned.


Tumblr and Me

On any given social media platform I partake in I do not do much in the way of, well, anything.
Deviantart was a place for me to post all of my lame art and to hopefully see myself progress as time went on but I’ve been drifting away from dA and Facebook for a while now. Neither of them is terribly interesting anymore and I’ll stop by now and again to post something. This post usually comes in the form of a doodle or a random video I found and liked.  And Twitter is boring to me and I still don’t  understand it (yes, even after the presentation in class last week talking all about Twitter).

Tumblr, however, is very addictive to me. I tell myself I’ll only be on Tumblr for a few minutes but those minutes easily turn into over an hour. It just sucks me in, especially as my anime, manga, and gaming interests are starting to expand again with all the new releases. My dashboard just overflows with content I’m interested in, whether it is a person’s writing, original art, fanart, or videos, or other material.

what year Even on Tumblr I’m not the most active of people. I spent more of my time “liking” and reblogging things than providing my own content. Sure I’ll post art on there on occasion but that’s all I’ve been doing since I’ve been on Tumblr. Well, until a kind user suggested that I give random comments on whatever anime(s) I happened to be watching. So I’ve started doing that and I’ve been slowly building myself up and am even able to talk to other people a little more easily on Tumblr. Granted I don’t go out of my way (as I don’t want to be a bother) but I’ve spoken with a few people and some were ones I highly looked up to for various reasons.

I’m nowhere near popular and a lot of my RL friends on Tumblr are like “I have over a thousand followers!” and I’m just like “I have twenty” or whatever. Roughly around October of 2014 I only had twenty to twenty-five followers. But now I’m at one-hundred and fifty. I don’t know where these people have come from nor why they are following me but I must be doing something right, I guess, haha.

Still, I wanted to share one of my posts with the most notes. As I’m lucky if any of my random as heck posts get any notes whatsoever. So for this one to get a little over 300 made me facepalm, as it was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Well, one of them (Tumblr is a place for a lot of dumb BS).


20 Questions Skype

Going into class is hardly a delight for me anymore. The semester is half over and I’m dead tired of it all. Yet on Tuesday, class was quite a delight (much to my surprise). Our class was to Skype with a random class from out of state. The point was to play a game of “Twenty Questions” to figure out what state and city they lived in. Our class ended up Skyping with a class of kids way younger than ourselves but it was quite funny.
Really, I may not seem like a person fond of children but children are hilarious. These ones didn’t disappoint me either.

When it comes down to it, I’m not terribly smart and I say dumb things quite often. However I was almost certain that my classmates would have to drag me out of the room before class was done. I was laughing so hard at different instances, I couldn’t breathe. The kids were pretty rowdy but some of the commentary I caught was absolutely hilarious.

I’m from Kansas and that is something I couldn’t tell them, because they were supposed to guess it. So they started the game off by asking if we were in the East, West, North, or South. All of which we answered “No” to. This seemed to confuse them as they weren’t sure where to guess next. One kid went so far as to ask if we were from the Dakotas or anywhere next to Canada while his classmate yelled at him “They can’t be near Canada! They have accents, Canadians don’t have accents!”
That is probably the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life (or at least for that day).

From there on, the conversations on their end grew wilder and it was quite amusing to see how unruly they were. Obviously their instructor wasn’t in the room with them, otherwise I’m sure they’d have been told to settle down. It was interesting to see how they conducted themselves without their instructor present — it was like watching them lose control and grasp freedom and shake it like a British nanny. Not that our class was much better and we’re college students. I was having too much fun with it and feeding off their excitement and enthusiasm, so naturally I was acting rather childish myself and enjoying the whole thing (What do you mean this isn’t clown school? I’m in the wrong college!). I didn’t aid at all to the conversation but that was a difficult thing to do from the beginning anyway. There was a bit of a lag on Skype and the kids were too loud, but overall it was an enjoyable experience and I’d like to do it again.

Oh, the kids won the game as well, by the way. They managed to guess our state right after we guessed theirs; which was Conneticut. Guessing their city was far more difficult as thhey weren’t able to answer some of our questions clearly as they didn’t know or have a clue. So some classmates were disappointed we lost but I enjoyed the game regardless. Despite them all being a group of seventh graders, they were a delight.

Connected but Alone – Sherry Turkle

This video was a very interesting watch for me, simply because I am one of the people she (Sherry Turkle) keeps referring to in her talk. A lot of the points she hits on resonate with me as I do a number of them, but I’m fully aware I’m doing them. Some people aren’t aware or will admit it but I will because I don’t see why I should lie about that. Texting is easy and convenient and I’d rather take that route than talk on the phone as talking on the phone is an activity that I hate with a passion. I’ve never liked talking on the phone because I hate the awkward pauses and silence and I never know when or how to end a phone conversation properly.

Sherry Turkle keeps mentioning “control”. Yes, texting is not only convenient but gives you complete control over what you say before the other person actually gets to see it. I like having that control, especially when I’m upset over something. Maybe my text started out as harsh and very rude, but as I scan it (for errors and clarity—because I don’t do this “chat speak” business outside of “lol” a majority of the time. Chat speak is godawful and annoys the hell out of me) before sending it, this gives me a moment to think if I really want to say what I wrote. It gives me a moment to cool down and think of just how rude I’m behaving or whether it’s appropriate or not. Wanting to have control over what you say before it actually gets to another person isn’t a bad thing since when people are face-to-face, we tend to speak without thinking. That’s how feelings get hurt and misunderstandings happen more easily. Yes, with texting there is no context to pull from—you can’t see the person so you can’t see their faces, hear their voices, or anything to gauge what they’re saying. They could be sarcastic but you may not know that through simply reading words.

All in all, this was an interesting listen. To the point that I actually watched the whole thing rather than trying to find a way to multitask or work on something else while listening. The video had my full attention as it was fascinating. I recommend everyone give it a listen. Even if I don’t 100% agree with everything, it’s still an eye opener.

Morning Class Rant

I’ve been told I should keep doing blog posts but unfortunately I haven’t been able to think of anything to really write about. None of the guest speakers we’ve had made me want to go write anything based on what they said—and any opinions I did have about what one of them said wouldn’t have gone over well. That was why I kept my mouth shut during class. Best not to make waves and all that junk.

Speaking of not making waves, class this morning was ridiculous.
Our class is working on a project. We’ve all been given different parts to work on and be in charge of but when we put it together in the end, it’s supposed to be cohesive. Today we were supposed to present our rough drafts of what we did have done and I am highly disappointed with my portion because now I look like I’m an absolute idiot (or I think that’s how I come across). I was supposed to work on a letter directed to “school counselors” to give them “ideas” to what a Digital Media student “looks like”. I really don’t like having to pick out characteristics; I feel as though I’m leaving people out somehow because I, personally, think a Digital Media student could look and be anyone. I’m considered a “digital media student” and I’m not smart or tech savvy! So who am I to say that someone else is or isn’t?

Anyway, back on topic.
My instructor asked me to finish up the letter—that he started as seed material for me—and add on to it. So that’s exactly what I did: I corrected spelling and grammar errors, added more details, and the like, then sent it to him so he could print it out for me, as he said he had nice paper to print it out on. Somewhere along the line I messed up. Okay, okay. Yeah, I get it, I messed up. My bad. But the letter was missing the logo we had come up with in the corner and it had printed out as a small broken image. So the instructor went back to his default letter which was full of spelling and grammar errors.

I was horrified to see that letter when he handed it to me. I couldn’t give this to the people that we were presenting to! It had lots of mistakes that I wouldn’t typically make and they were glaringly obvious. It wasn’t professional to give it to our audience. So I asked my classmate (you know who you are) and she was braver than I was, pointing out to the instructor that “Hey, there are lots of mistakes in this, since it’s your default letter. Should we still give it to them?”

And he said yes.

Naturally I couldn’t just blab during a presentation in front of the instructor that it was his default letter and that it was all his mistakes y’all are pointing out, not mine. Because, seriously: Thanks you for taking the time out of you busy day!”, I don’t type like that. I am pretty incoherent but at least I can type that sentence correctly. But, again, I just couldn’t be like “blame the instructor for the mistakes, not me. It’s his damn letter; he didn’t print mine because it didn’t have the logo in the corner.” Which suddenly makes my letter not worth using, I guess.

Every day I go to this class, I feel it gets more and more ridiculous. Those we presented to today were all “This doesn’t feel like a cohesive piece” and all that business. What we’re doing is, essentially, a marketing piece for our degree and our school. It’s not my job as a student to do the school’s marketing job, so while I appreciate the input on how to go about everything, I didn’t appreciate them turning around and telling me that if we don’t have something, make it. I’m not making squat for y’all. Because I’m doing this for a grade, not to actually help out the school. I know it’s been tossed around that if what we do is “really good and professional” maybe someone will give us the OK to use it to promote our degree and the school. I hope it turns out well enough for us to succeed in the class but I don’t want it to be used as an actual marketing tool for the school. I don’t want to promote a degree I hate or a school that’s made me miserable for over two years.

Just give me that “C” and I’m outta there.

Potential References

Just dropping off stuff to go through here for later. May be potential sources and information for my paper or whatever.

Some may not be actually usable but I did find an interesting and / or fun read personally.

Still Three Questions Short

“A pupil points a finger. A teacher is fired, his life rerouted. Now can they be buddies?”

The long winded title of an article we had to read for class on Friday (February 13th). I was asked to leave because I didn’t have any questions, thus was unprepared for class. Here’s the kicker: I still don’t have any “well thought out” questions for such an article after two days of stewing over it. I felt the article covered everything I could think of outside of personal questions for Mr. Kaplowitz and his former student, Raynard. Pretty sure we weren’t supposed to delve into the personal business and keep it strictly professional. If we were able to delve into personal things, then it should’ve been stated so. Because I could ask a ton of those based on this article (that I found, personally, ridiculous).

Why’d I find it ridiculous? Because it is. A student accuses an instructor of something he didn’t do; i.e. pushing the student to the floor and making him hit his head when ushering him out of a classroom. Instructor gets fired and sued for it. Years later, former student sends friend request on Facebook and wants to get in touch with his former teacher.

All ended in forgiveness and what-not but I still…don’t have questions to ask. Except for maybe a few things.

1.) Why would you forgive someone that cost you your job?

Maybe it’s just me and I’m not such a forgiving person. I may say I forgive you but I won’t ever forget how you wronged me and I will be less likely to trust you in the future, but seriously. If you cost me my job because of false accusations, I ended up in a depressive funk for multiple years, and was avoided by other people because they knew what I supposedly “did”, then like hell I’d actually forgive you. And I doubt I’d want anything to do with you years later after I finally got my life back together. Time doesn’t heal all wounds and just because water is flowing under the bridge again doesn’t mean I’m inclined to ‘forgive and forget’. Perhaps I’m just spiteful like that.

2.) Why would you falsely accuse someone like that?

Okay, so your teacher ushered you out and gave you a gentle shove out of the classroom and slammed the door behind you. So what? He never pushed anyone to the ground and caused them to hit their head. The teacher was at the end of his rope—children misbehaving left and right and one child constantly irritating him with the well-known excuse to go to the bathroom just to get out of class. It’s obvious that it’s all been done before and when the teacher lets you go so they can try to regain control of the class, then just fucking go. Get out of the classroom and shut the hell up. Don’t get upset because he slammed the door behind you. He’s just as frustrated as you if not more-so. Then again, as a second grader (I believe was the grade?), then okay. Getting emotional about someone being mad at you is understandable, but to lie about what your instructor did is not. That man lost his job because of that lie.

But I guess that’s just the world we live in now.
“Oh no, you put your hand on my child! I’m going to sue you for sexual harassment / abuse!”
“Uh, ma’am, I pat your child on the head, that’s not—”

“I only gave them a gentle nudge to step forward. That’s—”

Man pours milk on kid.

Man pours milk on kid. It’s childishly beautiful.

Parents hover over their children day-in and day-out. Any form of contact with another person could lead to charges of abuse, sexual harassment, or just plain harassment. Words towards another person’s child could end up as the aforementioned thing. Everyone is just too paranoid about, well, everything. And parents are willing to hang on every word their child says, even if their child has a history of causing trouble or acting out in school or whatever. Didn’t they say that there were no signs of injury to the kid? Yeah. Red flag, wouldn’t you think? Wouldn’t it cross your mind that maybe the kid is lying? Of course not, he was such a good boy and no one’s child could possibly ever do any wrong.

And…okay, y’know what? I’m done talking about this; before I go onto a tangent about people and their bratty ass children and how parents need to discipline them once in a while.

Anyway, water under the bridge and those two are friends now. Good for them! I’m glad they could all sort it out and it worked out A-OK in the end for both of them. Fantastic. Even if I don’t agree with the whole ordeal and how it all went down from the accusations, to the trial, to even their friendship later down the road. But, really, that’s just me and how I can and will hold grudges. Especially if you fucked me over.

Oh. Would you look at that. I still don’t have three questions. Two is better than none at least. Even if they are personal and not well thought out.

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? — Video

This was part of our assignment of the day that we were supposed to discuss. While I didn’t feel like I was able to say much on it, I’ll do so here.

A lot of people are saying that those who go against this video are “slaves to technology”. Even people in class were talking about how it rules our lives and so forth, and perhaps they’re right. Maybe I’m letting technology rule my life and I’m letting it be an excuse so I don’t have to connect to others—I’ve got a nice sized barrier between myself and everyone else on the net.

I don’t have many friends, I never have. So the internet is an outlet for me. I grew up in a small town with a small school. If you stood out in any form, you were considered weird and pretty much an outcast. For the first three years of high school I kept my head down and I didn’t talk to anyone except those who were deemed as “friends”.  In high school I was often picked on and teased for sticking up for other people who were bullied and I was even more-so picked on for liking anime. Any anime expressive outlet I used in school was trashed one way or another—art I put on my locker being ripped up and left in shreds at the foot of my locker, my notebooks being stolen, nasty rumors being spread about me, and people putting hentai (anime pornography) on school computers so I’d get called into the principal’s office to get chewed out by the principal.

It was difficult for me to connect to people when I felt like I couldn’t connect. I was always the oddman out when I wasn’t with my tiny circle of friends. So when I began to browse the internet and found little hub-ub forums that I could post on, it became a regular routine for me. I was able to talk to other people that liked anime and didn’t flat out tell me that “All anime is porn” and look down their nose at me. It was a nice step up from the people I was around every day.

Feeling like I belonged, even on an online site, felt nice.

It introduced me to many things—new anime series, video games, anime conventions, and new friends. And no, not just “online friends”. I’ve made plenty of friends that I stay in touch with and I do visit them every few summers. I attend anime conventions regularly and it’s there I’m able to spend three whole days with thousands of people and just be an anime nerd and have fun with people in person. Hell, my best friend is someone I met online thirteen years ago and she’s like family to me now.  We get together every handful of summers and spend over two months together during these times. We talk on the phone weekly, text each other every day as well (now that I have texting—I got on the texting / cellphone boat late, okay?).

But I won’t lie; I’d much rather spend my time online than I would go out to some party. At least online I can leave and go read a book or do something constructive. At a party I look like a bitch because I’m overwhelmed by the atmosphere and am uncomfortable around all the people and thus have to leave early.

While there is a barrier between one user and the next online, that doesn’t mean you can’t connect to them. Sure it isn’t in a physical face-to-face way that people seem to be missing, but sometimes you don’t need that face-to-face bonding. There’s more to online than it all just being “pixels”. There are people behind those pixels and those words. Sometimes we all forget that, especially when someone’s extremely rude to you online—there’s no face, no reminder to tell us that “Hey, they’re a person too! That might hurt their feelings”. But we’re living in a culture that gets butthurt about anything and everything.

So I think it’s all dependent on how you look at it because the factors are endless and it boils down to each individual.

In the end, I don’t feel like technology is controlling us. If anything, we’re letting it control us and many of us have our own reasons as to why we let it control us. It’s not technology’s fault. That’s the culture we’re building and living in now, but that’s just coming from someone who has social anxiety. So don’t take it (too) seriously.

Small Town State of Now

     The Small Town State of Now conference was a lot more fun than I originally thought it’d be even though I cannot say I learned a whole lot from attending. Well, aside from the fact that the free lunch tasted absolutely horrible. But a free lunch is a free lunch even if you can’t stand eating it, I guess. As far as the speakers that participated are concerned, I rather enjoyed listening to Ms. Patsy Terrel and Mr. Simon Salt. The two of them were really quite lively and passionate about their speeches which caught my attention more-so than anyone else—they were also two speakers I had a mini chat with during our lunch break. The two of them were really very kind and willing to humor me for a short little “interview” (if you want to call my non-interviewing skills worthy of such a thing). I really appreciated their kindness and politeness, especially when I stumbled over my words.

     Sadly after the horrible lunch was not consumed and going back to taping the conference again was a little erm…slow and uninteresting after that. I don’t know what it was about the remaining speakers but I had a hard time following what on earth they were talking about or how it related to social media. I mean I took a piece of everything they said with me but how what I took related back to social media was completely lost on me.

     It was an interesting experience and I had more fun running the camera than I thought I would so I guess future digital media students should go. They can all benefit from having an actual trial run of filming; though, I recommend more practice before filming a conference. I, personally, felt a little unprepared since I hadn’t personally messed with it all before to this extent. But what better way to learn than on the job, right?

Childbook Mashup


Did this for an assignment for class.

I do not own the character of America a.k.a. Alfred F. Jones. The character comes from Axis Powers Hetalia created by Hidekazu Himaruya. This was simply done for fun and for an assignment in class, as stated before.